The Church EP


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The Church EP
A criticism and encouragement of the modern church in four movements

Recorded live in studio over the course of 10 hours
The final songs from UGLYTWIN


released September 7, 2016

Michael Shawn Delaney II - Guitar/Drums
Ian Harvey - Vocals
Colton Siegmund - Guitar/Drums

all songs written and performed by UGLYTWIN
all songs recorded and mixed by Andrew Hernandez
all songs recorded at Estuary Recording Facility in Austin TX
all songs mastered by Keith Hernandez at at Suite 2E in Austin TX
The Church EP album artwork by Rebecca Harvey
The Church EP album layout by Ian Harvey



all rights reserved


UGLYTWIN Austin, Texas

UGLYTWIN is about community, honesty, faith and love. We are three dudes who are in love with our Creator, metal, family, friends and whiskey & cigars!

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Track Name: Carrion Walls
So can we stop pretending, like You aren't or in this room (or in this place)?
Some far off notion; to spoken of, but never spoken to and then forgotten
If we don’t covet presence then can it be withheld?

Withhold the Spirit, and all we are left is just noise of all our intentions,
that hold no meaning without that small voice, we are all just fools

And it becomes: if we worship the stones, then what is the point?
We sang the artist’s songs, but denied the artist in His house
Can it be wasted? Can it be faked?
As it was given, can it be withheld?

That small voice won't be denied
Take back our voices
Take back these walls

Renew Your Bride, so we can hear

Let us hear the words
“Withhold fury
Renew, redeem!”
Track Name: Like Rags and All Things Thrown Away
What looks like filth in our eyes, shines as bright as the sun in my Father’s


They stand behind the doors
They dwell among the darkest parts
Could we be them?
Are they too far gone?


But the question remain, where does "us" begin and end with "them"?
Do children pick their siblings?
Do we decide who's human?

Can we give our best to the worst?

What looks like filth to our eyes shines bright as the sun in my Father’s

Are we too far gone?
Can we love the unlovable?
Track Name: Heretics
Tighten your tie, brush off your suit
The camera awaits for your decree

You preach
Ethic over righteousness
Power over humility

You preach your fear
You preach from your fear

You stand before thousands and declare your moral heart "true"
But the stains that cover it’s intention give way to destruction, and your tongue becomes the noose that the perfect plan was hung upon, and we all failed to miss
You have turned a scarred, open hand into a lovely closed fist

And we all used that fist to crush the backs of our brothers
Never meant to be like this, the Word used as an axe
So remove us from the conversation (so we can bear witness)

He says
I Am the one who makes all things right
I Am better than this counsel of wolves
Track Name: Embodied//Reliant (The Mirror Reformed)
An extension of the path You laid
An image the vic’try You gave to all us and in response

We say "we don’t need this!
We don’t need your intercession!
The will of man can overcome, our resilience will truly save us
And we see goodness in ourselves
A solution that does not require, the submission of our will"

Without fear of the darkness
With the knowledge at hand
That death was robbed of it's virtue, no longer guiding all of our plans

Becoming the body left behind
For glory, to prepare the by and by
And reunite with the Bride

"Woe is us
The storms break down the doors
If we stay quiet then our future is secured behind walls
If we are comfortable, then aren't we truly blessed?"

A new lense has been placed on our eyes
A new heart to replace the lie
That this ended when the stone was rolled in place

We see goodness, what is real is a poor reflection
So we cant, continue pretending that our actions will match perfection
We exist to act as the next line in a conversation between a world that's truly broken and a Creator whose intention was always to heal it