Oh, The Cost


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Oh, The Cost is the first full length from Austin TX's UGLYTWIN


released August 26, 2014

Michael Shawn Delaney II - Guitar/Drums
Ian Harvey - Vocals
Colton Siegmund - Guitar/Drums

all songs written and performed by UGLYTWIN and Scott Stough & Michael Dolan
except for The Storm written and performed by Michael Shawn Delaney and Michael Dolan
gang vocals by Keith Hernandez, Felipe Lopez, Dylan Young, Matt Jones, and Clutch Rawks

all songs recorded, mixed and mastered by Keith Hernandez
additional engineering by Curtis Plummer
all songs recorded at The Diamond Factory in Austin TX
all songs mixed at Suite 2E in Austin TX



all rights reserved


UGLYTWIN Austin, Texas

UGLYTWIN is about community, honesty, faith and love. We are three dudes who are in love with our Creator, metal, family, friends and whiskey & cigars!

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Track Name: The Axe
Is this the best we have to offer?
Is this all we brought to the table?
This could be the last day of the world, so can we truly say we lived in freedom?
To cut it down, expose the bone, and take back all that's left till nothing remains and in it's place we understand hope
We walked past every line we drew so you could hear these words'
"Your life is not defined by the grief and bitterness endured"
And if that's "living", then come here and die with us
Come die with with us
Track Name: The Mirror
All is ruined by the sight of perfection
We see goodness, what is real is a poor reflection
Through ignorance we build a dynasty of words and acts that can't defy majesty
So we hang our heads
All generations will know us by who we are
The guilty, ashamed, the dirty: this is The Body
Leave the mark, remain broken, resist the world
Track Name: The Fisherman
Drown, just drown in the darkness, the vastness
Doubt, you doubt we'll make it out alive
The ocean folded inward on our strongest vessel
Where hope filled our sails, despair now fills our lungs with poisons and the worst is yet to come
All hands on deck this sinking ship is made of ash; just ash and dust
We will all be swept away
And you looked upon the cruelest ocean, you saw your fears stretched far over horizons
One by one everything you loved sank into nothing, but still you held tight to this vessel you built with your own might
The sorrow remains
And in this world we're so uncertain, and still we try to calm the waters with our hands like rust on anchors
We will all be swept away into the void of this perfect storm
And you were there when sickness fell and the thousands fed;
you saw the broken dance for joy
And after all the wonders all you feared was the water in front of you,
and with a hand outstretched you still couldn't believe that we could walk across these troubled waters
Nothing we build can survive
Track Name: The Blessing
Lost in the forest, curse your stars and skies
We waited for so long for our our way to be known,
so sure of vision we gave our hearts to wolves in sheperd's clothing
Death is all we followed, but there is grace among the trees and it is saying "We have been found HALLELUJAH!"
Track Name: The Quarrel
The great deception
The vicious comedy
The hallow romance
Give us names to graves so that we might change and see our desperate cries for what they truly are
For our pain we seek to find meaning
Reach through the skies and find us a wanting lover but we are satisfied
Begging to know You more but we don't need You
Begging to know You more but we don't want You
Choose to see the truth but only in the throes
Prone to suffer, prone wander, but even in our comfort the Son seeks out His Bride
Track Name: The Contrast
Hiding in every corner, burned into walls;
in this empty room they take everything, and their hands will bury me
It stands to reason I have known all along that they will never relent their grip
Let me go all you specters
They say, "give up the ghost" but my ghosts follow me
They speak to me in whispers as soft as thunder and their song is
"you will never be free"
They say that I'm not enough, and I'll never be
"No matter where you go, or who you become, our song will drown out your screams"
Beggars we became to the wrong masters
Allowing these ghosts to tell who we are/now allowing the Spirit to give us everything
Show me "me" through Your eyes
Track Name: The Scoundrel
Villains your time has come
Thieves return your wares
Liars, who are the worst of these?
The hunger it just keeps growing, the need is overwhelming
The guilty line the streets, a black mask over all their (our) heads
Just because we can't face it, doesn't make it clean
And from the start, we were perfect 'till it crept in
We hid ourselves (broke unity), "and shame, the shame!"
Toil made us weak, and we dug deep in arrogance
We worshiped beauty, threw out the ugly; and we became what we hated
And it never stopped, it consumed us all (The Nothing)
And all this time, my King has been waiting to show you this Kingdom of the broken/desperate
A Kingdom for ALL
And in this story we are all the villains, there are are no heroes
We did our worst, hoped for the best
Now stand before your King and claim your worth
Track Name: The Audit
The cost, oh the cost is more than we could truly bare
An unknown legacy, a debt we are building
All of our goodness/strongholds, next to the weight of this, are worthless
It cannot be undone
Pretend to be islands, poison the ground
After everything that we left and waste we can't accept it has always will be and always has been all of us
Our actions mean more than we could ever know
They can rebuild, they can destroy everything
So letting it burn down, taking all that is valued
At the end of this journey our cries will shake the Earth
The kaufers are not full, the scales are not balance
The righteous will rebuild all that was meant to distorted/wasted on sour seed
RESTORE! We are restored!
Oh, God we don't have it in us to pay the cost
Track Name: The Overture
Freedom reigns here with every word we sing,
it cannot be withheld/defeated
We are all the same: we breathe, we bleed
We are all the same and freedom reigns
There will be those who try to shame us but their words will fall like mist to the ocean
All of us together in this place, let it go (find peace, rest, grace)
Never again will we return to those places that have us crying,
"Oh, my God!"
We have been handed all the keys to change everything
So we will always have freedom to sing, freedom to grow
Never leave this place again burdened